Timeless Elegance

An ally to everyday life, and to be kept for more than one lifetime.

Outstanding quality is to be treasured and to last several life times. Though, as some of our materials are extremely rare and aren’t mass produced, exclusive colors come in limited editions.


Uncompromising Quality

Love for the most exceptional materials of the highest quality.

To honour the many hours of hand work of the highly skilled Italian artists who make our bags, every Méa Méa bag is uniquely numbered.


The story of Méa Méa

Our story is taken from the Greek myth about Alcyone and Ceyx, a maddened young couple who let nothing and no one stop their feelings for each other. Their uninhibited love disturbed the supreme god Zeus, who therefore put them to the test and kindled a storm in which Ceyx's ship sank. Alcyone waited hopefully for the safe return of her beloved, but when his corpse was washed ashore she was inconsolable and threw herself into the sea to follow him to death.

The gods on Olympus were deeply moved by the young couple's unconditional love. Zeus repented of his deed and transformed them into Halcyon birds (kingfisher). From then on, the wind and waves calm down for two weeks in January so that the kingfisher can safely make its nest and lay eggs. These Halcyon days signify a period of peace and calm, a time when new energy begins to flow. Like the tides ebb and flow, which complete the circle of life.


Sophisticated details